Armadillo Metal Roofing Systems Takes Metal Roofs to the Next Level

  • Armadillo uses a lower gauge of metal than what has been previously available to homeowners on the Island and in the other Atlantic Provinces, meaning Armadillo provides a thicker and stronger metal.
  • Armadillo panels add to the integrity of your roof, meaning it adds extra structural support that other systems don’t provide.
  • Armadillo installs a standing seamed roof that is a mechanically seamed, which means No Exposed Screws anywhere, thus eliminating any chance of rain or snow filtering through holes of stripped screws or dried up neoprene washers.
  • Armadillo Metal Roofing Systems allows for the building to expand and contract with the four seasons. With ALL components being clipped this allows the product to shift with the structure eliminating oil canning (rippling effect on the metal) which is quite normal with a screw down system.
  • 15-year warranty on Installation
  • Installed by Journeyman Sheet Metal Workers
  • 100% water and weather tight
  • Withstands Hurricane Winds of up to 180 kph

Armadillo’s System is different from all other forms of available metal roofs in that it uses hidden fasteners to install panels, and it folds and MECHANICALLY seams the panels twice over to make them 100% water and weather tight. There will be no exposed screws anywhere. Armadillo Metal Roofing System is the only company to be an installer of this superior system.

Applying an Armadillo Metal Roofing System is the most attractive option in comparison to the alternatives. Your home or business can be protected worry free with this eye-appealing state of the art metal roofing system Armadillo offers. It will be an easy decision to choose Armadillo as your roofing option, factoring in all the benefits and advantages.

Call Armadillo Metal Roofing Systems at 902-894-3643 (business) or 902-393-0649 (cell) today, or fill out our contact form to email us for more information on acquiring the perfect roofing solution for our environment.

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